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Jennifer is a graduate of the American School of Flower Design. Art has played a very important role in Jennifer's life from an early age. Working with all sorts of mediums, building and creating things that add beauty to life has been her daily work.  

She believes flowers happen to be an amazing medium for creating beautiful art and Jennifer is an expert in how to use them to light up a wedding or a special event.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, near an international fine arts school, Jennifer was surrounded by the arts. Her family, also very involved in the arts, greatly encouraged and fostered her love and mastery of all things creative and artistic. 

As an adult, Jennifer has continued to carry this passion with her spending much of her time in her studio helping to foster the same appreciation for the arts in her children and their friends. 

Jennifer has always loved creating floral centerpieces for friends and her own home, so when she began doing similar work for a local event company, and soon decided to begin her own event design studio focusing on event florals and custom made linens.  

Jennifer's passion for living floral art and couture linens will make any event stunning and memorable. 

Jennifer strives for creating the visual experience that her customer is dreaming of for his or her special day.