Fort Wayne’s Best Greenhouses for Floral Designers

Last May, I wrote about the importance of adding greenery, flowers, and pops of color into the design schemes for events; today, I wanted to write about how you can make that happen, all while highlighting some of my favorite places in Fort Wayne to get fresh, beautiful flowers that you can incorporate into your homes and celebrations. There’s no better way to satisfy your decorative side!

1. Stuckey’s Greenhouses

Stuckey’s Greenhouse — which has another location known as Stuckey’s on Tyler — should be your go-to choice for big greenery: think ferns and the like. If you need to spruce up your landscaping or have space to fill at an outdoor event, their selection cannot be beat. Smaller flowers are also available at Stuckey’s, with a selection including perennials, vegetables, herbs, tropicals, and more! Stuckey’s is also known for their vintage-style fairy garden creations, put together in-store or able to craft yourself. Their list of healthy, thriving plants should put them on your radar.

2. Gassafy Wholesale

Family-owned and operated for over 50 years, Gassafy Wholesale is truly your one-stop spot for everything that goes in a pot. The incredible team at Gassafy possesses an amazing energy, and their friendliness is endless. Gassafy is constantly receiving shipments of plants and plant supplies from all over the world — Italy, California, Colombia, Ecuador, and more — so their stock is second-to-none as well. If you can’t make it to Gassafy’s Warehouse, that’s no problem either; Gassafy has trucks that deliver all over Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, bringing their diverse selection to you.

3. Frank’s Wholesale Florist

Frank’s Wholesale is one of the best places in town to go to if you’re just beginning to master the art of floral arrangements. Like Gassafy, Frank’s also boasts an international collection, supplying flowers from Hawaii, Holland, Ecuador, and more. Between the quality of their flowers, the wholesale prices, and the helpfulness of their staff, Frank’s is perfect for fashioning unique, custom arrangements.

Fresh, festive, and flowery events are easier to create than you’d think, and Fort Wayne’s collection of first-rate greenhouses makes getting started no problem. The next time you need inspiration or help crafting a bouquet, centerpiece, or otherwise, I hope you give these businesses a visit.

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