Spring Bouquet Photo Shoot & Video

Today for the photo shoot, I used my daughter Rylee as the model. We had her in a nice champagne colored dress, which is very popular right now with brides, and we went for more of a summer, outdoorsy, a little bit bohemian type flavor for the shoot. The theme was carried through with the bouquet, and the flowers, along with her dress.

Some of the colors that are trending right now are pinks, soft pinks, hot pinks, light blues, dark blues, almost a little bit of purple even. I also love navy blue right now, so I used that in the bouquet. 

Another trend that I really like right now is the trailing ribbons. It's a very old, old tradition that has come and gone, come and gone over the years, and it is back for now — and I absolutely love it. I made ours exceptionally long, they go all the way down to the ground. I used pink and gold and navy blue. 

For the bouquet, I did tulips, and some Russian sage, and then bluebells, and peonies — and just combined the blues and the pinks together. They are all very timely right now, because peonies and tulips are just about out of season, but they're currently very beautiful as they're still blooming nicely. 

What she modeled for us is perfect for a June wedding, and we had a beautiful day to get outside and snap some pictures. I think that this look is great for any June bride right now — very popular. 

So if you're still looking for a florist for this summer, if you have an event or a wedding coming up, even still this month — feel free give me a call, I would love to help you with making your party beautiful.

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