Corporate Events vs. Weddings: The Do’s and Don’ts of Design

In my career, I’ve designed countless arrangements for corporate events and weddings. One of the key lessons I’ve learned is that different events with different clientele call for uniquely different designs. Today, I want to share with you some of the ways I keep audience and occasion in mind when I design.

An elegant atmosphere by JLD

An elegant atmosphere by JLD

Corporate Events

Although corporate events are work-related, they do not have to be stiff and lifeless. Corporate functions, holiday parties, celebrations, and fundraisers still need to intuitively utilize the space they are in to create a “Wow!” factor. When crafting these designs, I tend to keep these terms in mind: professionalism, excellence, and elegance.

Visually, these terms embody the essence of the company I’m designing for. The flowers, decor, and linens, and may incorporate the colors of the company’s logo, for example. I also strive for perfection and formality: carefully crafted floral centerpieces, luxurious, draping tablecloths, string lights, candles, and even photographs are all carefully chosen to make guests and employees feel valued.

Finally, I try to take the company’s mission and goals into account. So, if the company strives for sustainability, perhaps I will use greens, blues, bamboo reeds, and water features to fill the space. Or, if they are a jeweler, for example, I may use hues of gold and silver to reflect their product. These colors may show up in the linens I drape around the furniture and walls, the flowers that fill tables, or the frames and vases I use to accent my design.

Entrance flowers I designed for Rogers & Hollands Jewelers, Fort Wayne

Entrance flowers I designed for Rogers & Hollands Jewelers, Fort Wayne


Weddings aren’t unlike corporate events, but they are often more intimate and reflect an individual rather than a conglomerate. Many of the same essential pieces you would find at a corporate event are used in weddings: flowers, linens, frames, elegant centerpieces, and more are still used to create lasting memories for my clients. How I craft them, however, is a little different.

Weddings have more moving parts than a corporate event. For a wedding, I create a cohesive design scheme for the bride’s bouquet, whatever the wedding itself takes place at, and the reception. The colors I base my design on may be chosen by the couple themselves, selected from my recommendation, or created based on the values they cherish. For more on creating a bouquet based on values, see my post about the history of the bride’s bouquet and floriography.

A dreamy, romantic — almost Victorian tone.

A dreamy, romantic — almost Victorian tone.

Another difference I have to keep in mind is the location of the reception itself. Most corporate events take place in a banquet hall; a reception, however, can take place in a banquet hall, a barn, a park, a church gymnasium — almost anywhere, really. Designing for the space is essential in creating a design that makes sense for the guests.

So, while corporate events and weddings often feature many of the same elements, personalizing them for the company, couple, or setting create vastly different moods. By keeping the audience and the occasion in mind, I’m able to create stunning spaces for my clients!

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Wedding at the Embassy

Wedding at the Embassy

All photos are examples of Jennifer Lee Design creations.

Wedding Florals at The Embassy

This weekend, I had the opportunity to do the flowers for a gorgeous wedding at the Fort Wayne Embassy Theatre.

I feel so blessed to have a career I love! I mean, I got to be in the beautiful Embassy all day, surrounded by flowers! Best job ever!

Spring Bouquet Photo Shoot & Video

Today for the photo shoot, I used my daughter Rylee as the model. We had her in a nice champagne colored dress, which is very popular right now with brides, and we went for more of a summer, outdoorsy, a little bit bohemian type flavor for the shoot. The theme was carried through with the bouquet, and the flowers, along with her dress.

Some of the colors that are trending right now are pinks, soft pinks, hot pinks, light blues, dark blues, almost a little bit of purple even. I also love navy blue right now, so I used that in the bouquet. 

Another trend that I really like right now is the trailing ribbons. It's a very old, old tradition that has come and gone, come and gone over the years, and it is back for now — and I absolutely love it. I made ours exceptionally long, they go all the way down to the ground. I used pink and gold and navy blue. 

For the bouquet, I did tulips, and some Russian sage, and then bluebells, and peonies — and just combined the blues and the pinks together. They are all very timely right now, because peonies and tulips are just about out of season, but they're currently very beautiful as they're still blooming nicely. 

What she modeled for us is perfect for a June wedding, and we had a beautiful day to get outside and snap some pictures. I think that this look is great for any June bride right now — very popular. 

So if you're still looking for a florist for this summer, if you have an event or a wedding coming up, even still this month — feel free give me a call, I would love to help you with making your party beautiful.

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